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"Art is not a thing. Art is a way."
Elbert Hubbard


Thinking of art as ‘a way’ places the product-- the work of art that results from creative behavior--in the context of its intention. It suggests that the act of creation itself, the artistic behavior, the creative process, is a way by which we search, explore, discover, see, express, make, connect, honor, and play. Thinking of art as a way gives us permission to experiment and engage in the new, to plumb the depths of our inner life in search of that which matters to us. When we are focused on the act of creation we are in relationship with our work, ourselves, the world, and others. We are also able to explore the passageway between the everyday and the mysterious, the particular and the universal, the commonplace and the wondrous.

Of course, there are many ways to create, many roads to the artistic self. You do not know where the creative process will end up because the creative process, the act of creating, has no clear destination. Art allows us to learn and grow along the way as we come to understand the deepest yearnings of our heart. 

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