Virginia's WorldClass Art Class

Self-paced Holistic Online Instruction
Virginia Freyermuth, Instructor

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For Adult Beginners
Summer 2018

Registration for this workshop is now closed.
New fall classes will be offered in September 2018!
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Now is a beautiful time of year to create drawings inspired by Nature.

My online course, Beautiful Botanical Drawing, is self-paced so you can work at your own rate of speed whenever you like. It is designed for those who consider themselves beginners or those who want refresh their drawing skills. 

With your enrollment, you have lifetime access to the class materials.
Do as much or as little as you choose at any given time.

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Let's Make Art

What Makes My Instruction Unique?
Many art classes teach only technical skills. Other art classes teach you how to copy the teacher.
My art classes provide technical instruction too; but you'll also be guided to to find your own voice--your personal way of making art that is a unique expression and celebration of you and the things you care about.

I am a holistic art educator. I place an emphasis on the engaging the whole person-- heart, head and hands.
I believe that art derived from your own inner and outer life will likely be more meaningful to you.

WorldClass Art Class is your space to slow down, enjoy yourself, be creative, try new things, address fears, sharpen your skills, and have fun. All this with sequential learning experiences that help you grow.

This entire workshop could be done with only pencil and paper; the possibilities are endless. But I will be providing instruction on other drawing media as well, including colored pencils and ink.

I've taught art to thousands of students of all ages for over 40 years. I'm an artist who works in many varied media--traditional and digital. I'm also the illustrator and book designer of the Norbert picture book series. I have Bachelor and Master of Fine Art degrees in Painting and a Ph.d. in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Art Education. And I'm a licensed art educator.

Creative work that strives to bring out what is best and beautiful of the human spirit may just help make the world a kinder, more compassionate place.

My art classroom used to have four walls with a limited number of students. Now, I welcome the world into my art class. And I invite you to expand your world in beautiful ways.

That's what WorldClass Art Class is about. 
Enrollment is limited. 

For  Adult Beginners
Summer 2018



INTRODUCTION: Listen to my philosophy about the teaching and making of art and create your pre-instructions drawing

MAKE WAY FOR ART: Gather your art materials and consider your drawing area

LET’S GET STARTED: How to draw for true beginners and refresher for more experienced artists.

WHAT DO YOU SEE? Being attentive, patient, and observant.

WHAT CAN YOU FIND? Become fascinated by the natural world around you.

LEAVES, VALUE AND SHADING Start with simple objects and enjoy the endless variations.

LET YOUR ART BLOOM Learn to draw more complex forms.


REFLECTIONS AND NEXT STEPS: Tips for continuing your creative journey