Virginia Freyermuth, M.F.A., Ph.D. Artist, Illustrator, Author, Teacher

Virginia Freyermuth, M.F.A., Ph.D.
Artist, Illustrator, Author, Teacher

Virginia Freyermuth is a distinguished holistic art educator who has taught grades Pre K-12, college and adults. Her educational writing is published in peer-reviewed literature. She is a passionate arts advocate.

As an award-winning artist, she specializes in portraiture that seeks to honor the individual using oil, pastel, pencil, watercolor, and silverpoint. She also loves plein air painting, particularly along the rocky coast of Downeast Maine.

Her children's illustrations include realistic and whimsical styles, and she also depicts imagery inspired by Nature. With Julie Steines, she is the co-owner of Polly Parker Press and co-author of Norbert's Little Lessons for a Big Life (Simon & Schuster), and illustrator of a picture book series.


Artist / Illustrator

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Painting
  • Master of Fine Arts Degree in Painting
  • Ph.D. Interdisciplinary Studies, Concentration in Art Education
  • Illustrator of the award-winning Norbert picture book series.
    Norbert, a real-life registered therapy dog, has a social media following of over 1.6 million worldwide.
    Norbert's pet parent is Julie Steines.
  • Award-winning painter and portrait artist

Holistic Art Educator and Public Speaker

  • 1994 Massachusetts Teacher of the Year
  • 1995 National Outstanding Art Teacher, Walt Disney American Teacher Awards
  • 2014 Rhode Island Outstanding Higher Education Art Educator
  • Certified Art Teacher
  • Over 300 national and statewide speaking engagements 

Author / Publisher

  • Co-author with Julie Steines, Norbert's Little Lesson for a Big Life, Simon & Schuster 2017
  • Professional journal articles and chapter author in The Heart of Art Education: Holistic Approaches to Creativity, Integration and Transformation, published NAEA
  • Co-owner, Polly Parker Press, a kind-hearted education and publishing company.
    Visit www.Norberthood.com
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