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A national award-winning artist educator, Dr. Virginia K. Freyermuth has taught to all age and experience levels from grades Pre-K through 12, college, and adults. Virginia is currently a licensed art educator in the state of Massachusetts. She promotes a holistic approach to the teaching of art by which the heart and mind are open to possibility, where intention and intuition are honored, and where doing work that matters with wonder, grace and love is valued. She believes that each person has the capacity for authentic, personally meaningful artistic engagement and that the creative process can be transformative. Art is viewed as inclusive, an inherent part of whom we are as human beings; it is our universal language.


Workshops, Retreats, and Classes

Virginia occasionally offers destination classes and retreats in inspiring settings. Discover, replenish, nourish, celebrate, and enjoy the artist within! Virginia's adult workshops are designed to help you connect with your inner creative self by promoting concentrated, in-depth exploration in a supportive environment.
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Virginia can offer dynamic, interactive professional development workshops at your location for K-12 Educators of all disciplines. Please contact Virginia to learn more. Selected topics:

Nurturing Creativity
For         All Adults and Teachers of All Disciplines who teach K-12. (No previous art experience required!)
Length  Can be tailored to your needs
Type       Interactive, inquiry-based, hands-on workshop
Understand the characteristics of the creating mind by embracing the creative process.
Examine ways that a well-facilitated creative process can build respectful learning communities.
Discover why creative development matters--now and in the future.

Holistic Teaching of Art
For         Art and Classroom Teachers of Grades K-12, Parents, College-level Art Education Students
Length  Can be tailored to your needs
Type       Interactive hands-on workshop
Understand and experience how artistic learning can promote personal
transformation. Examine ways to honor the whole child through meaningful artmaking.

Arts Advocacy: A Team Approach
For           K-12 Arts Teachers, College -level Art Education Students
Length    Can be tailored to your needs
Type         Interactive, collaborative hands-on workshop utilizing art, writing, and in-depth discussion
Learn positive, powerful means for educating colleagues, decision-makers, parents and the community about the essential need for art in a comprehensive K-12 curriculum.  Depending on length, develop an advocacy plan for you department.

Pride of Place: Mural Making around Local Histories, Natural Environment, and Cultural Traditions
For          Art and Classroom Teachers of Grades K-12, College-level Art Education Students
Length   Can be tailored to your needs
Type       Interdisciplinary, collaborative hands-on workshop
hrough the study of history, local traditions and/or natural environments, discover varied processes for creating murals that are infused with meaning and pride

The Artist's Journal: Integrating Word and Image in Handmade Books
For          All Adults, Art and Classroom Teachers of Grades K-12, College-level Art Education Students
Length   Can be tailored to your needs
Type        Interdisciplinary, interactive hands-on workshop
Engage in the creative writing process. Create art around open-ended questions that encourage personal reflection. Make handmade books that elegantly integrate word and image.



Consulting for Art-infused Education and Professional Renewal

Dr. Virginia Freyermuth offers school systems and arts organizations vision and guidance for the development of holistic learning experiences through art towards engaging students and teachers in a thought-provoking, interactive process. She understands the challenges and opportunities of 21st century teaching and learning and promotes the incorporation artistic learning in classes across the curriculum as well as a means of teacher development and renewal.

Virginia has worked as a professional consultant for grades K-12 arts curriculum development in varied school systems.  Selected prior Massachusetts Arts Education Curriculum Consultant Work include: Middleboro, MA, Public Schools; Dover-Sherborn, MA, Public Schools; Plymouth Public Schools, MA; Lincoln Sudbury High School MA; Fuller Art Museum, Brockton, MA Building the Museum Education Department

For further information about consulting services at your location, please call 508-866-5700 or use the Contact Page.




Dr. Freyermuth has long been a passionate advocate for the arts, art education, and the profession of teaching for over four decades. She has a noteworthy record of dynamic public speaking and advocacy work before national, regional and local audiences and on television and radio. She is also engaged in ongoing research and has written for varied professional and popular publications. Virginia has given presentations with Dr. Peter London concerning their research for the Transformative Teacher Project. 
Please contact Virginia Freyermuth to inquire about keynote speeches, adult workshop presentations, appearances, and consulting.



Following her many years of distinguished statewide and national award-winning teaching in K-12 public schools, Dr. Freyermuth taught for five years as a full-time faculty member of gradaute and undergraduate courses at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. 

Dr. Freyermuth then held the position of Master Art Teacher for the Connecting Oceans Academy's (COA) graduate courses. The COA was affiliated with the ECHO Project, Education through Cultural and Historical Organizations, a federally-funded educational and cultural enrichment initiative annually serving thousands of children and adults in Alaska, Hawaii and Massachusetts. She also co-taught a course for Teach!SouthCoast at the Center for School, University and Community Partnerships. Dr. Freyermuth further held the position of Assistant Professor of Art Education at Rhode Island College, also serving as the Art Education Program Coordinator. She was named the 2014 Rhode Island Higher Education Art Educator of the Year. 

Virginia Freyermuth Teacher